Ruben Willem is a multiple Norwegian Grammy Award winning musician and record producer with 20 years of experience of recording, mixing and mastering rock and metal.
He is also the founder and guitarist of the necro-punk band Haust. His professional career startet with recording and producing their critical acclaimed first album «Ride the Relapse»(2008), which was the first album ever to drop of the now legendary label Fysisk Format. 
He has since worked with some of the biggest names of the Norwegian rock scene such as Kvelertak and Bokassa.
His productions has so far resulted in 10 Norwegian Grammy nominations, as well as 3 awards for his work with Djevel, Okkultokrati and The Good the Bad and the Zugly.
Ruben has been located at Caliban Studio for 15 years, in addition to other studios such as Loco Studio and Amper Tone Studio. Mixing and mastering has become his main focus, but he also does occasional studio sessions. 
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